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Postcard of Day !

” Silent Evolution ” The art to save the Ocean !

Reclamation , Punta Nizuc , Cancun Underwater Museums , Mexico.

Silent Evolution ! Plants to animals , animals to humans , this is how we have evolved time to time . Its just an example of silent evolution . There are still so many species in the world which are yet to be discovered . Everyone and every living entity incarnate and reincarnate each moment , which we aren’t aware about . This is Evolution . You evolve , you grow , you help others to grow and incarnate . Silent Evolution is slow evolution which takes ample of time to incarnate or take its original form . It takes years , decade and even century , who knows ! We eventually have a tendency to accept what is served in our platter rather than going beyond and digging into its history , geography , whereabouts and its evolution ! What I am bringing into your attention is a silent evolution of beautiful sculptures which are depicting our daily life style  deep under ocean . They are covered by corals , which are rare to be seen . Great thanks to Roberto Diaz , President of Cancun Nautical Association , Dr. Jaime González Miki, the Director of the National Park Costa Occidental Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancún y Punta Nizuc and Jason DeCaires Taylor , Cancun Nautical Association for bringing up this idea of diverting divers far from Manchoes reef , these natural reefs were getting detreated due to anchors , divers and tourist , and create another space for them to explore corals without harming them .

Silent Evolution II , Manchoes .

One of the weird museum in the world , Cancun Underwater Museum located in Mexico , also known as MUSA . The museum is Non-Profit Organisation in Cancun , Mexico dedicated to art of conservation (Conserving Marine life), The museum was started in 2009 and official open to tourist in 2010 . Cancun National Marine Park consist of total 500 sculptures made by British and Mexican sculptors , with three different galleries submerged between 3-6m deep into ocean. This museum took birth with the motive to save nearby corals from more tourist footfall , by giving an alternate opportunity for divers to explore .

Understanding , Punta Nizuc .

Ocean is so wide , which is yet to be discovered to its core . So huge , so powerful enough to swallow the pieces of scattered landmass . Exploring deep water is new craze as we all know , and diving is what youth opt these days , as people are interested to know more about the underwater world and be the part of it . Cancun Underwater Marine Park is something that everyone must once experience in their lifetime . Specialty about this Marine park is its jaw dropping sculptures covered with corals . Its like am astonishing embroidery done on rocks . This project was an outcome to depict the interaction of mankind with environment around them pioneering both negative and positive impacts . This museum reveals the perception and action of humans towards nature , who could live together and make a remarkable future between them , but at a same time it draws our attention towards how brutally we have spoiled and damaged nature , especially corals here , no sympathy shown on them ! Silent evolution consist of 400 submerged sculptures depicting the interaction of mankind and nature . Each statues have their own different personality and features with deep and heavy meaning , and detailing is just perfect and worth to see . It features how humans embrace others and hide their real faces . Mr. Taylor had planted some pieces of coral from damaged reefs on the 1st sculpture which was anchored into deep ocean . The silent evolution was a two part art installation : the underwater sculptures themselves were the 1st part , while 2nd was how nature will transform them into new corals and form new reefs . (The broken and damaged corals were placed on concrete statues and by the time have completely swallowed the sculptures .)This was Silent Evolution I was talking about .

Silent Evolution , Manchones .

The museum is a benchmark of this century featuring their lifestyle and placing footprints behind for upcoming generation to admire them . There are tons of ruins underwater which excites historiographer and archeologist to know more about them and convert them into underwater destination .

Resurrection , Punat Nizuc .
The Vein Man , Punta Nizuc .
The Banker , Manchones .

Tours offered –

  • Jungle Tour – { Jungle tour Punta Nizuc ,Cancun . For $70 }
  • Glass Bottom Boat – { Glass boating and adventure paradise ranging from $40 to $70}
  • Snorkel – { Paradise adventure and snorkel at the gallery of Punta Nizuc . Ranging from $40-$70 }
  • Diving –  { Diving for certified and without certified from Cancun and Isla Mujeres . Ranging from $90-$150}

Transportation to underwater museumMUSA or the Cancun Water Museum is located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres islands. A water ride through a ferry would be your best bet to get there. If you have teamed up with a tour provider they would be able to take you to the ferry port.

To know more on Cancun Underwater Museum –

Published by Tanishka Dhawan

Just a small in sight which created a greater impact on me was my Dream. A charismatic person who stands out in crowd due to , obviously a weird personality . Well m Glad you are here , I hope it would be pleasure reading and exploring world through my lucid outlook . Stay tuned for my daily blogs !

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