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Unn Chatanoon Ki Kahaani

Unh chatanoon ki kahaani ,

jo bade behrem hua karte the ,

Ghurur sine pe tannke raaste pe mehroof bichate the ,

Khayal toh hum unke shapat ka kiy karte hai jo bina kahae hum sunlete hai ,

Zeher toh hum hai jo unke zehen main rehnge hai ,

Uunke hifsat main hum dil-e-gulam ,

Chalo toh aazmaloo , jeetna humara haq hai aur haarna apka gulam .

Kya Aap Rubaru Hue Hai ?!

Milunga main waha jaha rehegi humari wafa

Bina phechan ke vo humse aanjaan thi ,

Par chahaat thi meri par muhjse behkhabar toh thi nhi, 

Lafzoon main basti thi mere , Par saason main toh nhi,

Par kyu main ussi ki khosbhoo se main chehak utha ,

Behdard toh main tha par vo meri dard bangayi ,

Banjaar toh main tha Jisse ussne nayasa kardiya,

Mohobaat toh meri thi nhi par khayalon main vo he thi,

Najaane uske alfaaz main kya dard chupa tha jiska,

Muhjpe essa asar hua ki main apna Rasta bhatakgaya,

Najaane Meri kamzoori thi vo ya justuju ,

Shayad vo meri zindagi ka qarz hai jiska main marz hu,

Aaj ek afsana toh hu he par haare hue junoon k sath,

Kyuki vo junoon hai aur main ussi ka kirdhar hu,

Zindagi main toh jeetke bhi haargaya Kyuki Maine, apni mazil nazarandaaz kardhi ….

What’s you’re “Pushtainee” Hobby !?

Chapter 2

“ Pushtainee Hobby “

Oh Gosh ! It’s raining heavily since last night .

Mumbai rains , really outpours all of her heart on Mumbai ! And now what a good news almost all rail lines and roads are chocked up due to rain  , and half of the offices declared holiday . Meanwhile I received 5 calls from my senior , god knows for what , maybe to inform me about “Achanak Mumbai holiday “. This is not new , Mumbaikars are eventually used to it , but gradually am not . Rainy morning are cozy and that is the best part of this season . I wrapped  myself under my  blanket and waited to fall asleep . Par nind aane se rahi . So I dragged myself to kitchen to get myself a mug of Masala Tea  , which is my daily ritual of starting my soulful morning . There is a beautiful window in my kitchen above the gas burner , from where I stalk people following their daily routine and early morning while cooking tea . This window gives me goosebumps as I step into kitchen hefty breeze with baarish ki khoshu rushes in to welcome me .  Aur aaj bhi vohi hawayein aur vohi khoshu se meri din ki shuruwat hui . My masala tea is famous in our society , and everyone was aware of its powerful aesthetic aroma , few people were drawn to my home following the essence of masala’s .  I don’t know how to cook food but I used to prepare tea passionately with adding all world famous herbs like cinnamon  , clove , small and big cardamom , mint leaves , maze flower , ginger , and many more I don’t even know their Hindi and English names . I consumed it sip by sip enjoying my solitude standing in my gallery facing towards Deccan Gymkhana to the left side and beautiful tall buildings to the right side which seemed to be just washed with freshness, so live and so cheerful , that each color seemed to be revealing its best shade enhanced by rainy moisture , experiencing this smoothness in the most fast pace of life gave my day a kick start  .

My great grandparents maternal and paternal both have Pakistani background and they shifted here before Indo-Pak  partition. And traces of Pakistani antique still resides at my dad’s residence and I have heard a lot from mom about it. And I have always been excited to discover them  . And this was the best moment to indulge myself in digging up the history of them . So I decided to it to explore my old house as it was right time . I found couple of stuff right from collection of oldest cameras , suitcases , jewelries to some oldest stamp books which I left behind . Stamps! Meanwhile I was stuck on one thought , not a thought but a memory which was lost somewhere in real time and I failed to consider it . I stopped here , because collection of stamps was the hobby which my great grandfather had in fact pioneered when he was in Pakistan , later it was passed on to my great grandfather II and then to great grandfather III and then to my grandfather and to my dad and this time it was my turn to take it forward .


My Great grandfather’s III name was Fakirchand Dhawan from Lahore , used to travel from Lahore to east Punjab (240 km) daily for work , which is now in India . He got transferred to India before the partition of India and Pakistan , and stayed here then forever.  He was a writer and a government employee , so sending and receiving letters and notes were common in olden days  , so he had great collection of stamps , he stored them all and gave it to his son who was typical Indian born Lahori and found of Indo-Pak culture , whose name I fail to recall and he was my great grandfather II who attached them to his stamp book which turned out to be his hobby jo unke dil ke kareeb tha , as it was his dad’s lifetime collection , unke liye yeh Pushtainee jedadh jesse tha . Then he started a custom of collecting more stamps Indian and International , and placing them country wise . Then this legacy was passed to my great grandfather I , who did the same and passed to my grand farther , Subhash Dhawan , who resided in Mumbai . He was a film director but was unable to survive in film industry .  I still remember when I 1st ever came to India  was 1 year old and running in the doorway passage with mick in hand and singing all over , I requested him to grant me a chance to work in any film because I wanted to an actor , yes this is one of my dream , he was pleased with my innocence . That was the 1st and last time I met him in my life before returning back to Dubai . He passed away when I was 6 , and I didn’t got a chance to attend his funeral . Dadaji too passed on our family legacy to my dad in his childhood . And later it was legacy which I coined as “Pushtainee Hobby” that was passed on to me by my dad last year , when I arrived to Mumbai for 7 days city tour .

Some stamp books and some that I made stamp books .

Last year , I explored Mumbai , for the first time ever with my dad for 7 continuous days after couple of years staying apart . And the day before my departure from Mumbai dad and me were having conversations over many things , where he explained me his life events and revealed his collection of books which I loved , he gave a big boxes of stamps with a stamp book which belonged to him and following with sets of similar stamps books, some dated 1960 , 1956 , 1949 , 1948, 1968 , 1972 , 1980 and so on  and these belonged to my father’s great grandfather , means my great great great grandfather. This was quite interesting and seemed as if koi series of saga dediye hai muhje . I was excited but I had no time to ask dad more about the series of stamp books. I packed some of them left other half behind so that I will explore them in my next visit so it stays alive and I left for Pune . And this was the legacy that I didn’t attempt to understand or go beyond and discover .  But there was a deep connection and craving to know more about these stamps and add them in stamp books that my dad left incomplete for me to complete it. Stamp collection didn’t felt so fascinating for me , because I was yet to read each book . Then the day arrived I went through each and every book and then realized the how passionately they have been devoted and dedicated towards their hobby with purity , and this was the turning point for my perception towards hobbies .  Deep down my roots were watered so that I could flourish and take this legacy forward to upmost level .

Fakirchand dadaji’s stamp book .

And I decided to research on secret behind dozens of stamp books piled on bookshelf of my library . Next day I went to Collaba , South Mumbai and haunted all around to locate the stamp book shore which was completely out of sight , as it was somewhere far in a remote area with a compact infrastructure . The store was one of the oldest stamp book store in that area . I brought more blank stamp books with some glossy and some matte finishing so that I could place the remaining stamps into that book . And here I started with hobby of collecting and allocating stamps  , which I adopted and accepted as mine . And I have made a special place in my bookshelf for all stamp books . But how have all of my great grandfather III and grandfather collected stamps is still a secret .

Currently completing

We might have heard the concept of generating hobby , but this one for me was passed on to me from multiple generations I belong to . It’s a legacy so I call it Pushtainee Hobby . ‘‘Pushtainee Hobby ’’ is difficult to find these days , but it’s not impossible if you go back in time and spend you’re time with your grandparents you will definitely come up with some Pushtainee Hobbies which will be unique and will have capacity to stand out in crowd , and these hobbies might me waiting for you to discover itself .

Currently working on this stamp book .

“Rediscover yourself by discovering your roots .

Discover yourself by rediscovering your roots .”

~ Tanishka Dhawan

Well , I am currently trying to understand this .

“Never Born , Never Die “

Well , I am here with beautiful story of a journey called life !

Poetry of earth is synced with rhythm of nature , to cause a harmony in universe . Universe is eternal so are we . Our soul is eternal and intangible . Which is neither born nor dead. Never born , Never die is my philosophy of considering a human as an emotional being . Because we never die nor we are born . We exchange our thoughts with multiple people everyday and every moment by communicating or by our body language consciously or subconsciously . Everyone is part of universe , playing active or passive role in  achieving a purpose that universe has designated to us . And being just apart of universe you too are a persona of universe .

The journey of life starts at birth and ends after gaining salvation . It’s never , It’s never , I repeat it , its never important what you want to have in your life and what you want to be what matters is always , what you do to have it in you life and be what you think of being , what matters is what you give away and sacrifice to achieve what your real craving is  . People consider reaching  somewhere in life is destination and the efforts put into reaching that destination is called journey , well I reject this theory , as per me life itself is journey not professionally , not emotionally ,not physically , not financially but passionately . And destination is gaining salvation from earth and earthly pleasures . After achieving salvation you become immortal , so are soul immortal , so is universe immortal . Imagination is a powerful tool that exist , so powerful to build an empire and so powerful to destroy everything , everything .  Centuries back many astrologers use to form a diagram or figure by joining the stars , and there were only 12 costellations which were mosy frequent which they further named Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces , and these are our zodic signs . It’s out our imagination of linking costellations with our destiny , but world follows it and this is a tradition now . This is the power of imagination . And questioning the imagination can lead you somewhere someday , because who knows which way turns out to be beneficial in near future .

I wander how someone can state that they know the following person to the core , I agree it’s possible to be aware of their personality traits , their characteristics , actions , habits and their hereabouts . But its impossible to know someone’s core . Cause they have been dealing with their life since the day they took birth on this landmass called earth . And since then , dealing with tremendous beings on this planets. Whoever they meet is a part of their journey sharing some or another thing with one-another. We eventually blame people for betraying us or doing foul stuff to us, we fail to recall that they are on their own journey of life resolving their purpose .

The flow of ocean has capacity to change, if it flows from right to left then it has capacity to change its direction and flow from left to right. So what are humans in front of this massive puddle of water, everyone can change and every stone can be left unturned. It’s all about your way of considering yourself and your way of prioritizing yourself. Habits are never born nor dead they are just there, you are just some moments far from discovering it.

Art is You ! Art is me ! Art is everyone , everthing and anything that you come across in life or maybe not in this life , but in your imagination . Explore this art by manifesting your energy , your vibe and ora that emits a strong signals , positive or negative , depending the way you have manifested your life and mindset . What you think you are , and we all are aware of it, perhabs you can be what you don’t think of yourself , because you can always fool your mind and escape !

“Never Born , Never Die “

You are never born and will never die ,

Emotion never born never die , they just stay ,

Stones never born never die , they just stay ,

Memories never born never die , they just stay ,

Realm never born never die , they just stay ,

Places never born never die , they just stay ,

Universe ( Time, space , winter , water , sky ) never born never die , they just stay ,

History never born never die , they just stay ,

Destination is endless , so are you ,

So why do human body die and soul stays !

Toh Afsoos kis baat ka !?




Kabhi pholoon k tarahe na palna na kisko paalna ,

khiloge toh Zaroor par uss khoobsurati se bhikar bhi jaoge ,

Aur nazuk se jina firat banjayegi .Jina hai toh phatar k tarahe ban kar Jina, 

Na bhikarne ka khoof hoga na tootne ka ,

Kamse kam agar kisne tarasha liya toh Khudaa ban jaoge .

-By Tanishka Dhawan 

“Saya jo hu Aapka”


Beauty personifies the art in you .

Khene main kuch khena tha jo rubaru hone se rehgaya,

Phir ek kahani unkahi rehgayi , 

Phir vo kirdhaar samne aane se ghabragaye, 

Zindagi ke modne unhe ghaflati banadiya ,

Aur dhobara aapne hume khodiya ,

Kirdhaar toh humare sahi the par kaafil nhi , 

Par unh boniyaad main himmat thi he nhi ,

Ki na aap hume jaanpaye na hum aapko jaanpaye !

– By Tanishka Dhawan

Its a Language .

Love is a language . So fall in love with someone who knows , understands and speaks your language of love , so don’t extend time explaining yourself !

Tanishka Dhawan




While exploring a South Indian Temple with my brother at Karla , Karla Caves .

Kuch rastoon ne chalna sikhadiya,

Kucho ne behakna, 

Kucho ne Bhaagna,

Kucho ne rukna,

Kucho ne modhna ,

kucho ne sambhalna sikhadiya ,

Aur kucho ne dooriyon ko mita di ,

Aur kuchoon ne dooriya bada di .

Yeh raste vaadhon ke taraha hai ,

Kuch vaade toot jate hai ,

Aur kuch raste chhoot jaate hai ,

Rishte bikhar jaate hai ,

Saasien rukjati hai ,

Safar thamb jaate hai ,

Aur kuch raste modh jaate hai ,

Chalo koinhi Safar toh Safar hota hai , 

Bebuniyaad khayaalon ke saath aage badte hain !

~ Tanishka Dhawan

Manoeuvre of people, Kaarla Caves .
Myself exploring the enitity called comos , Karla Caves .
Bevel Rocks through the grilled casement , Karla Caves .
Ravel of trees , depicting the oscillating vision of life .

Postcard of Day !

” Silent Evolution ” The art to save the Ocean !

Reclamation , Punta Nizuc , Cancun Underwater Museums , Mexico.

Silent Evolution ! Plants to animals , animals to humans , this is how we have evolved time to time . Its just an example of silent evolution . There are still so many species in the world which are yet to be discovered . Everyone and every living entity incarnate and reincarnate each moment , which we aren’t aware about . This is Evolution . You evolve , you grow , you help others to grow and incarnate . Silent Evolution is slow evolution which takes ample of time to incarnate or take its original form . It takes years , decade and even century , who knows ! We eventually have a tendency to accept what is served in our platter rather than going beyond and digging into its history , geography , whereabouts and its evolution ! What I am bringing into your attention is a silent evolution of beautiful sculptures which are depicting our daily life style  deep under ocean . They are covered by corals , which are rare to be seen . Great thanks to Roberto Diaz , President of Cancun Nautical Association , Dr. Jaime González Miki, the Director of the National Park Costa Occidental Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancún y Punta Nizuc and Jason DeCaires Taylor , Cancun Nautical Association for bringing up this idea of diverting divers far from Manchoes reef , these natural reefs were getting detreated due to anchors , divers and tourist , and create another space for them to explore corals without harming them .

Silent Evolution II , Manchoes .

One of the weird museum in the world , Cancun Underwater Museum located in Mexico , also known as MUSA . The museum is Non-Profit Organisation in Cancun , Mexico dedicated to art of conservation (Conserving Marine life), The museum was started in 2009 and official open to tourist in 2010 . Cancun National Marine Park consist of total 500 sculptures made by British and Mexican sculptors , with three different galleries submerged between 3-6m deep into ocean. This museum took birth with the motive to save nearby corals from more tourist footfall , by giving an alternate opportunity for divers to explore .

Understanding , Punta Nizuc .

Ocean is so wide , which is yet to be discovered to its core . So huge , so powerful enough to swallow the pieces of scattered landmass . Exploring deep water is new craze as we all know , and diving is what youth opt these days , as people are interested to know more about the underwater world and be the part of it . Cancun Underwater Marine Park is something that everyone must once experience in their lifetime . Specialty about this Marine park is its jaw dropping sculptures covered with corals . Its like am astonishing embroidery done on rocks . This project was an outcome to depict the interaction of mankind with environment around them pioneering both negative and positive impacts . This museum reveals the perception and action of humans towards nature , who could live together and make a remarkable future between them , but at a same time it draws our attention towards how brutally we have spoiled and damaged nature , especially corals here , no sympathy shown on them ! Silent evolution consist of 400 submerged sculptures depicting the interaction of mankind and nature . Each statues have their own different personality and features with deep and heavy meaning , and detailing is just perfect and worth to see . It features how humans embrace others and hide their real faces . Mr. Taylor had planted some pieces of coral from damaged reefs on the 1st sculpture which was anchored into deep ocean . The silent evolution was a two part art installation : the underwater sculptures themselves were the 1st part , while 2nd was how nature will transform them into new corals and form new reefs . (The broken and damaged corals were placed on concrete statues and by the time have completely swallowed the sculptures .)This was Silent Evolution I was talking about .

Silent Evolution , Manchones .

The museum is a benchmark of this century featuring their lifestyle and placing footprints behind for upcoming generation to admire them . There are tons of ruins underwater which excites historiographer and archeologist to know more about them and convert them into underwater destination .

Resurrection , Punat Nizuc .
The Vein Man , Punta Nizuc .
The Banker , Manchones .

Tours offered –

  • Jungle Tour – { Jungle tour Punta Nizuc ,Cancun . For $70 }
  • Glass Bottom Boat – { Glass boating and adventure paradise ranging from $40 to $70}
  • Snorkel – { Paradise adventure and snorkel at the gallery of Punta Nizuc . Ranging from $40-$70 }
  • Diving –  { Diving for certified and without certified from Cancun and Isla Mujeres . Ranging from $90-$150}

Transportation to underwater museumMUSA or the Cancun Water Museum is located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres islands. A water ride through a ferry would be your best bet to get there. If you have teamed up with a tour provider they would be able to take you to the ferry port.

To know more on Cancun Underwater Museum –



Kuch Moh aur Behboniyaad waqt ke jugalbandi main ,

Vo bhid main banjaroon ke tarhe bas chale jaarehe hai ,

Yun din ki afra tafri main ghumse jarehe hai ,

Kuch hue befikre toh kuch beheke hue,

Par kya unn ehsaason main himmat hai khudko hasil karne ki ?

“ Excelling  peace in violence is something that is on platter during this pandemic “

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