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Kya Aap Rubaru Hue Hai ?!

Milunga main waha jaha rehegi humari wafa Bina phechan ke vo humse aanjaan thi , Par chahaat thi meri par muhjse behkhabar toh thi nhi,  Lafzoon main basti thi mere , Par saason main toh nhi, Par kyu main ussi ki khosbhoo se main chehak utha , Behdard toh main tha par vo meri dardContinue reading “Kya Aap Rubaru Hue Hai ?!”

“Never Born , Never Die “

Well , I am here with beautiful story of a journey called life ! Poetry of earth is synced with rhythm of nature , to cause a harmony in universe . Universe is eternal so are we . Our soul is eternal and intangible . Which is neither born nor dead. Never born , NeverContinue reading ““Never Born , Never Die “”

bushboys world

Photos of my world and other stuff I hope you will enjoy too. Photos taken with Canon PowershotSX70HS Photos can be purchased.

Louise's Loves - Travel, Cooking, Photography, Thoughts

A place to enjoy travel tips, recipes, amateur photography and thoughts for the day

Altour Travel Agency

Travel Agent, Travel Agency, Channel Incentives, Corporate Travel Incentives, Currency Exchange, Incentive Services, Meeting and Incentives, Meetings Management, Strategic Meeting Management, Travel Law

Cricket Vikas

Let's Discuss Cricket

Karina Teuma

Sydney Marine Life, Marine Biology, Snorkelling, Freediving, Scuba Diving

Micro of the Macro

Recognizing & appreciating our oneness with Nature