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“Never Born , Never Die “

Well , I am here with beautiful story of a journey called life !

Poetry of earth is synced with rhythm of nature , to cause a harmony in universe . Universe is eternal so are we . Our soul is eternal and intangible . Which is neither born nor dead. Never born , Never die is my philosophy of considering a human as an emotional being . Because we never die nor we are born . We exchange our thoughts with multiple people everyday and every moment by communicating or by our body language consciously or subconsciously . Everyone is part of universe , playing active or passive role in  achieving a purpose that universe has designated to us . And being just apart of universe you too are a persona of universe .

The journey of life starts at birth and ends after gaining salvation . It’s never , It’s never , I repeat it , its never important what you want to have in your life and what you want to be what matters is always , what you do to have it in you life and be what you think of being , what matters is what you give away and sacrifice to achieve what your real craving is  . People consider reaching  somewhere in life is destination and the efforts put into reaching that destination is called journey , well I reject this theory , as per me life itself is journey not professionally , not emotionally ,not physically , not financially but passionately . And destination is gaining salvation from earth and earthly pleasures . After achieving salvation you become immortal , so are soul immortal , so is universe immortal . Imagination is a powerful tool that exist , so powerful to build an empire and so powerful to destroy everything , everything .  Centuries back many astrologers use to form a diagram or figure by joining the stars , and there were only 12 costellations which were mosy frequent which they further named Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces , and these are our zodic signs . It’s out our imagination of linking costellations with our destiny , but world follows it and this is a tradition now . This is the power of imagination . And questioning the imagination can lead you somewhere someday , because who knows which way turns out to be beneficial in near future .

I wander how someone can state that they know the following person to the core , I agree it’s possible to be aware of their personality traits , their characteristics , actions , habits and their hereabouts . But its impossible to know someone’s core . Cause they have been dealing with their life since the day they took birth on this landmass called earth . And since then , dealing with tremendous beings on this planets. Whoever they meet is a part of their journey sharing some or another thing with one-another. We eventually blame people for betraying us or doing foul stuff to us, we fail to recall that they are on their own journey of life resolving their purpose .

The flow of ocean has capacity to change, if it flows from right to left then it has capacity to change its direction and flow from left to right. So what are humans in front of this massive puddle of water, everyone can change and every stone can be left unturned. It’s all about your way of considering yourself and your way of prioritizing yourself. Habits are never born nor dead they are just there, you are just some moments far from discovering it.

Art is You ! Art is me ! Art is everyone , everthing and anything that you come across in life or maybe not in this life , but in your imagination . Explore this art by manifesting your energy , your vibe and ora that emits a strong signals , positive or negative , depending the way you have manifested your life and mindset . What you think you are , and we all are aware of it, perhabs you can be what you don’t think of yourself , because you can always fool your mind and escape !

“Never Born , Never Die “

You are never born and will never die ,

Emotion never born never die , they just stay ,

Stones never born never die , they just stay ,

Memories never born never die , they just stay ,

Realm never born never die , they just stay ,

Places never born never die , they just stay ,

Universe ( Time, space , winter , water , sky ) never born never die , they just stay ,

History never born never die , they just stay ,

Destination is endless , so are you ,

So why do human body die and soul stays !

Toh Afsoos kis baat ka !?


Published by Tanishka Dhawan

Just a small in sight which created a greater impact on me was my Dream. A charismatic person who stands out in crowd due to , obviously a weird personality . Well m Glad you are here , I hope it would be pleasure reading and exploring world through my lucid outlook . Stay tuned for my daily blogs !

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